Review: Zak Bagans “Demon House” (2018)

A mix of intensity and thrill

Zak Bagans, better known as host of the American reality TV show “Ghost Adventures” has recently released his latest work and I had the chance to watch it. Actually I do not believe in the existence of demons, but I’m kind of fascinated about demonology. You can clearly feel the hard work combined with a dash of madness which gives the documentation a certain thrill.

The background of the documentary is a house in Gary, Indiana which is said to be a “portal to hell” and a “house of 200 demons”. Zak Bagans bought this house, driven by the idea of ​​investigating the rumors. But it wasn’t only the house he bought.  Right at the beginning of the movie, there is a warning for the viewers,  that the movie and the energy could affect electronic devices as well as the viewer itself. I was excited! Honestly, I had a little goosebumps, but it was more likely caused by my fan and a certain amount of tension.

This documentary started like an intense “Ghost Adventures” episode with interviews and research. But there was more. You could clearly watch the families change in front of the camera. Even the crew and Zak himself had changed, probably affected by the energy in this house. The stories which have been told were amazing and also terrifying. The energy of this place seemed to be very intense to me. This place was not normal and I seriously doubted my own conviction. The house was demolished in 2016 and I can imagine why they decided to do that. But make your own experiences, I don’t want to spoil the documentary. After watching the movie, I can personally report that I lay awake for some time and thought about what I had seen and felt. The audience can only guess what happened there.

Duration: 95 minutes
Production Company: Scarecrow
Distributor: Freestyle Releasing
Director / Author / Executive Producer: Zak Bagans
Producers: Michael Dorsey, Joseph Taglieri
Photograph: Chris Scarafile, Jay Wasley
Editors: Michael Dorsey, Uri Schwarz, Joseph Taglieri
Music: Mimi Page

Anke Carver

Editor - In - Chief
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